Be aware of this scam email

This message comes from an email received by one of the Basingstoke NW Area Coordinators. That person has already forwarded the full email to Action Fraud but is concerned that it could worry some people.

Here is an extract from the item


Email Subject: Tiскеt ID: LPU-105-61107  [your email address] 01.11.2017 06:51:21 This time it will not be so easy to get off


Message text begins as below and continues in poor English with threats and bitcoin demands.

We would suggest that anyone receiving similar emails reports them to Action Fraud, forwarding the message if requested and then deleting the same from your PC.


I honestly expect that I will not hurt your heart. Cases happen, life didn’t leave me a choice. I don’t hate people with special tastes, moreover I cant judge you. But, life is life, so:

First of all, I put the particular virus on a web site with porn videos (I think you understood me).