Constabulary response to Terrorism:Message from Ch Sup Steve Williams


Message from Ch Sup Steve Williams:


As a result of terrorism attacks in 2017 Operation Rover patrols were introduced and increased over the Christmas and New Year periods as a much appreciated reassurance for communities.

Although the threat level remains at ‘severe’ following a review it has been decided to cease these random armed and unarmed patrols, reverting to a normal policing style.

This will be kept under review.


Terrorist attack would you know what to do?


Would you know what to do in the event of a terrorist attack?


Last year Citizen Aid launched its safety campaign Run, Hide, Tell in the wake of incidents in London and Manchester.


An app has also been launched to give people a safe way of accessing advice at any time.


Recommending this an East Hants Councillor says:


Some people are put off travelling to busy places or attending crowded events because they are nervous about what might happen and parents may be worried about the safety of their children. The Citizen Aid app and their advice helps people make sensible decisions if they are caught up in an incident, placing useful advice at their finger tips.