Overnight vehicle crime in many areas


There have been several reports of vehicles being broken into overnight in various locations throughout Basingstoke.



Vans have been broken into Hatch Warren, one offence occurred at Bronze Close and was reported just after midnight. Another van was broken into at the Beeches.  A third van was broken into at Shetland Road.




In Sherfield on Loddon and Popley vehicles have been broken into where the owners of the vehicles have left items on display.




In addition to the overnight offences a Royal Mail van was broken into at Ascension Close at Popley just after 2pm on 22nd February.


We have also had reports of regular vehicle break-ins in the Sherfield Park area.



Always make sure your vehicle is properly locked with windows closed any time you leave it.

Double check all doors to make sure the vehicle really is as secure as you can make it.

Never leave ANY items on display. Thieves are usually opportunist.

Overnight, park in a garage if you have one, or else on your drive. Consider fitting intruder detected security lights and or CCTV.

If parking on a public road, ensure you do so in a well lit area. Also ensure that your insurance covers you for the place where you park. Some policies require you to state where the vehicle is kept and you may not be covered when parking elsewhere.